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Doesn't know English language.


Does understand several phrases, but unable to hold the conversation.


Understands most of the phrases, when spoken slow and clearly, decent in sentence construction and pronunciation. Vocabulary is limited.


Improved sentence construction, some troubles with harder expressions. Can barely write essays. Vocabulary is still limited, however is able to participate in everyday conversations with relative ease.


Writes and reads without any troubles, rarely making mistakes. Slightly improved essay skills. Understands most of the stuff related to his subject, can communicate successfully.


Reads and writes without any issues, making mistakes in compicated contexts only. Able to understand majority of conversations, however phrasals and technical english are still questionable.

Courses Pricing

[Offline and Online same pricing]

Level Duration Price (13 classes)
Kids 5.5 weeks 12450 KZT
Beginner 8 weeks 11900 KZT
Elementary 8 weeks 11900 KZT
Pre-Intermediate 8 weeks 11900 KZT
Intermediate 8 weeks 11900 KZT
Upper-Intermediate 8 weeks 11900 KZT
Advanced 8 weeks 11900 KZT
IELTS 6 weeks 15000 KZT

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